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 $15 per student 
Range from 10 to 25 students* per class + $50 gas/Travel
Discounts if ordering multiple classes
Contact me for more info
* unless said otherwise

Cookie Necklace

Simple/ 8 & up without assistance

Looks real but don't eat this cookie!

Made with polymer clay dusted with pastels to give it that nice baked look

Supplies I will be providing

Polymer Clay/ Brushes/ Pastels/necklace hooks & Chains/ toaster oven

Closeup Coaster.png

Fruit Coasters

Simple/ All ages

Three pieces of wood come together to make an lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit coaster

Each student will be assembling, gluing & painting 2 mix & match coasters

Supplies I will be providing

Cut wood/ paint/ paint brushes/ glue/ UV resin

Paper Bird.png

Paper Bird

Patience/Teens & Adults

This complex design is pretty simple to make, it just takes a lot of patience.

Lucky for you I did all the paper cutting for you, you just have to put it together

Supplies I will be providing

3D printed legs and body,clay beak, cut feathers, various designs of laser cut scrapbook paper(for wings and tail) glue and brushes/ black paint

Due to all the extra prep work that is done a head of time this class is $30 per student

Minimum of 5 and a max of 10 + $50 of travel 

Suger Skull.png

Suger Skull Decorating

All ages+/ Messy

Available late October till the first week of November- Celebration of Dia de Los Muertos

Learn about the history about Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the dead) while decorating your own sugar skull!

Supplies I will be providing

Handouts/ premade sugar skulls/ frosting/ plates /glitter and sequins/ paint

First 20 student = $10 per student

Minimum 20 + $50 travel/gas=  $250

After 20 students = $8.75 per student

Maximum 40 + $50travel/gas= $400


Silicon Cake Box

Medium/8 & up without assistance

Cute little box made to look like a cake

Painted box covered in silicon and glitter. Any age can create this but it can get messy

Supplies I will be providing

Various Paints/ Brushes/ Colored Silicon in piping bags/ various glitters/ heat gun

Recommendation: Summer; the silicon dries a lot faster 


Clay Earrings

Medium/Ages 10+

Create a pair of polymer clay earring

Using 3D printed cookie cutters or by hand to create one of a kind pair of earring

Supplies I will be providing

Various color polymer clay/ 3D printed cookie cutters/ hooks/ earring parts/ liquid clay/glue, toaster oven


String Art

Tedious/ Ages 8+

This complex design is actually very simple to create!

I will show you the steps but will have the designs pre-nailed so you can start threading away!

Supplies I will be providing

Pre-nailed wood(pick 2 designs)/ embroidery thread/ frame/ scissors


Paint a Coyote Alebrije

All ages+/ Messy

Perfect for Dia de Los Muertos but you can have this project anytime.
A fun way to learn about Alebrijes and how to create your own colorful creation!

Supplies I will be providing

3D printed Coyote with primer already applied/ paints/ markers/plates

Resin Necklace.png

Wood & Resin Necklace

Simple/ 8 & up without assistance

This simple wood and resin necklace that can be painted any design you wish!

Paint > Apply UV resin > add chain > Ta-Da!

It can get a little messy but any age can join

Supplies I will be providing

Wooden discs/ various paints/ glitter/ UV resin/ UV lamps/ Necklace hook and chain

Magic Fish.png

The Rainbow Fish

Simple/Young Kids

His scales were every shade of blue, green and purple with sparkling scales among them

Laser cut piece made to look like the Rainbow fish that kids personize with precut scales

Supplies I will be providing

Laser cut fish/ laser cut scales of various colors/ paints/ paint brushes


Wooden Butterfly

Varies/8 & up with out assistance

Paint a butterfly to resemble a real one or create your own

Once you are done painting your butterfly put it on a brunch and design that as well

Supplies I will be providing

Polymer clay/ wooden butterfly/ various paint/ brushes/ frames/ sticks


Custom Workshop

Your Criteria 

Do you have a holiday or theme you have in mind for a workshop
Contact me and I will work with you to either modify an existing workshop or create something new

Contact me at least a month in advance before the day you want the workshop; that will give you and me enough time to create samples and get material.

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